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Chrooma Keyboard is a fully customizable keyboard app that quickly adapts to your needs. For example, with a single movement, you can alternate between the classic two-handed keyboard and the one-handed keyboard.

In the settings options for Chrooma Keyboard, you can radically change your keyboard style, choosing from among different colors and font types. What’s more, one of the most attractive features of the keyboard is that it adapts the color to the app you’re using at any given time.

Other interesting features of Chrooma Keyboard include advanced Word prediction, since the more you write, the better the predictions are; or the ability to use emojis directly from the keyboard.

Chrooma Keyboard is a powerful keyboard app with a wide variety of features, many customization options and a beautitul interface.
Chrooma Keyboard: An Android keyboard worth checking out

The world of Android virtual keyboards is wide and wondrous. But despite all the options to pick from, most people tend to stick with the one that comes preinstalled on their device to keep things simple. Still, this extensive little world is replete with great apps in constant competition. And the continuous fight to be "The Best Keyboard" benefits users above all, as the main apps jockey to roll out updates and new features all the time. Chrooma Keyboard is an excellent option to pick thanks to the latest update that comes with a set of changes you should definitely check out.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher